Fire Fighting Vehicle (Smart CAFS System) Water 10,000 Litre & Foam 1000 Litre

Fire Fighting Vehicle Integrated CAFS system. having capacity 4,000 litres Water & 400 litres Foam – Chassis Origin JAPAN, with fire pump and other accessories, tools & Spare parts from JAPAN/EU/ USA/AUSTRALIA as per Quote.

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Chassis & Model


Water Tank

Foam Tank

Fire Pump

Water / Foam roof


ISUZU, JAPAN - FVM(6x4, 10 wheels)

Non Corrosion Aluminium profile & Aluminium Sheet

10,000 litre ( M.S / S.S ), A water tank of 10,000 liter (Min.) capacity

1000 litre ( S.S ), A foam tank of 1000 liter (Min.) capacity

Fire fighting Centrifugal Pump. At Normal Operation Max. 17 bars. At High pressure Max 54 bar.

Monitor Will be Provided, Brand – AKRON Or Other

Fire Fighting & rescue equipment shall be equipped according to Customer requirement.

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